IAMEXTREME.NET Outlet opening soon at Sixth Road Midway Shopping Centre

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Most of you guys know IAMEXTREME.NET which initially was planned as an online venture only, is now expanding into opening its very own physical outlet to offer our customers to come and experience our customer service that we are famous for as well as see our products in person.

This is where its gonna be.



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Midway Shopping Centrum on Sixth Road in Rawalpindi, opposite Dubai Plaza. Shop number M21 and M22. Currently the shop is under construction, we dont want that when our customers come to IAMEXTREME.NET store, they get to see the typical computer shops thats literally every where in Pakistan.

(Switching to first person now), So my main idea behind the shop was to offer a visual experience to my customers like theyve never seen before. This thread is basically where ill be posting updates of the shop as it progresses.

For now the ceiling is done, got it all black, with the signature X in between which will be lit. This is what it looks like.


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Let me know what you guys think. The floor is gonna be all black as well. Ive tried to keep the logo colour scheme in the shop. But not too much black or yellow or white. Trying to mix it in proportionally.

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nice idea

Khurram Shahzad

Alaziz Online

looks good...

when are you coming to karachi????

looks good strikerX. I might visit ur shop. will u be there or somebody else will?

Its not my shop that is why i quoted the text :P Its alienware's http://www.wiredpakistan.com/user/8508-alienware/

But the quote didn't say by whom.... So anyways, will alienware be there?

No I don't think so, he's the Godfather lol he's looking for a salesguy atm.

dude open one in lahore.

Looks extreme!

Thumbs up.


You are just a little off from the money shot name "IAMEXTREMIST.NET" :P

IMX was known as pcXtremists before but the name had to be removed because of some reasons.

I bet you got threatened by our so called "extremists" to change or else :P

Might visit your shop during the weekend. Coming to Islamabad for a short trip :)

Cool. Galaxy opened a shop in the same plaza.

You have very limited stock brands on page why?

I am sure IMX will give Galaxy a run for its money. btw, they are coming to their senses gradually. I called them last week and the attendant gave me a very honest and detailed opinion in order to persuade me to buy from them - only. But i did not :D

I visited IMX shop last week but it was closed and work was in progress. will visit again soon. btw galaxy's shop is next to IMX's :P