I wish a mall this full of computer hard ware would open in Pakistan

just saw this on youtube, figured I would share with you all here

in Pakistan? :D are you kidding not wishing ?

although the malls exists but the problem is no such official vendors...We need companies to come in and invest..See those brands in that clip. That is the major selling, and that huge mall's point.

some big name companies concerned with computer hardware do exist. Companies like shingtech, agn, eastec and so on.

I think what lacks is the correct way they can market their products. Also they dont really market all of this under one roof. I have seen many customers whn I go to see a friend shopkeepr at techno citi computer, trying to remember this brand and that. They ask the shopkeeper and they have limited knowledge of what is available in the market. In most cases the shopkeepers themselves start looking puzzled with you ask them for a part which is not readily available in the market.

I went to find black striker x casings (newly arrived in the market i heard) nobody had a clue what that was. Finally somebody in another computer forum pointed out to me the correct website:


If we can market all of these items under one roof (eg like techno computer mall in karachi) then at least that would be a good start.

im wishing a air show in Pakistan like this one

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

there is a mall in Lahore full of computer hardware and and Mobile it's name is hafeez center and there is an other online shopping mall full of computer hardware it's name is Alaziz Online

this is some sort of exhibition I reckon :P Stalls are just like we see in exhibitions

Not a mall but still better than other stores here, IAMEXTREME

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Not a mall but still better than other stores here, IAMEXTREME


please try to shared relevant links in threads

Khurram Shahzad

Alaziz Online