I want to seel things on ebay. Which things?

Hello everybody,

I need a suggestion. I want to sell things on ebay. I am using ebay since 2000. Now i have decided to sell things on ebay as a side business. But don't know what to sell. Which things are feasible to sell from Pakistan. Theres no problem of getting payments because i have verified paypal account registered in UAE.

Please let me know what to sell.



errr, why dont you check out ebay and see whats in demand, and whats missing there. Its xmax season so maybe you can sell chinese plastic xmax trees :)

You are using Ebay since 2000... do you mean using in sense of buying or what? .... I would say list yourself as a seller form Pakistan... then you don't have a good chance of gaining wide audience / reputation....... I know as I have been with ebay and amazon for quite sometime with regards to selling..... and even people are afraid to buy from Chinese sellers.... and in your case if people will see a Pakistani Seller then they will just close the window.... or famous BACK button.... :) .....