I want to modify my Xbox360 arcade

I've recently bought a 360 arcade (256 mb) from Dubai. I want to get it modified so I could play burnt dvd's. Do you guys know any reliable place in Karachi from where i could get it done.?

HOw much XBOX 360 Arcade cost you from Dubai?

What is its manufacutring date?

Bought it three days back. The cost was 800 dirhams for the arcade. I took it to a couple of places to get it modded but the bad news is that its manufacturing date is 06-04-2008, which means it came with a lite-on drive which has not been hacked yet. On the good side, its the falcon version of 360 mobo which comes with internal heat sinks to prevent heating issues i.e less chances of 360 dying on me because of the RRoD.

Yeap, thats why you should always buy pre modified consoles from your own country in which you're gonna play it. I learnt that lesson when i got my PS2 from dubai and then had to modify it here, the guy i gave to completely messed it up and i only played my ps2 for a few months and it went dead.