I want to buy ps 3 or x box 360,witch one is better

salaam all friends,i want to buy ps 3 on next week ,but i also like x box360,plz guide me witch one is better,i am in rawalpindi,can you tell me what is the price on brand new slim ps3 amd new x box 360 in market,i heard x box 360 can be chiped so can we play copy x box 360 games on it?and from witch market can i buy ps3 or xbox 360?many thanks

Get a modded arcade jasper pal which cost around 20000rs and games costs around 100rs-150rs from imperial market (raja bazar) or super market islamabad (famous toys) or from Jinnah super islamabad (plug & play) but beware of shop walas bcz they'll try to sell refurbished ones at cheaper rates dont buy them check the mfr date from outside of packing through the hole it should be like this .....

2009-10-25 : MFR Date

9010206 94709 : Serial No

Also newer xbox360 have builtin 512mb memory so no memory card come with newer models. Also get atleast 60gb hdd cost around 4k for games installation bcz it will save ur dvd drive lense.

BTW ps3 slim 120gb cost around 32000rs and its blueray games cost around 5500rs brand new and 3500rs used ones. I hope this will help.

There are plenty of threads regarding this issue. Search for it.

Opt for xbox360 considering the almost free availability of its games.