I want to buy a Raspberry Pi

If you don't know what Raspberry Pi is, go Google it. It's pretty cool.

I so wanna buy a Raspberry Pi right now. Any idea about where in Karachi can I get this?

I was looking forward to use it as an Always-On Torrent box because of the ultra-low power consumption.

No there is no retail shop from where you can get it.

There is a raspberry pi community on facebook, there were few guys helped me out when i had some ideas of my own, but due to certain limits i didn't achieve.


To buy it you'll have to get it online, it prices near 5k-6k. The most common is b model 1.0, with 512mb ram.

You should've googled it.

what it does or for what it uses

^ http://lmgtfy.com/?q=raspberry+pi

Google is your friend.

Anyways it is a Credit card size PC, that uses linux,FreeBSD, netBSD and Many Unix-like OS.

It was basically developed for elementary education But it got popular with the tech junkies due

to its compactness and low power consumption.

There are infinite uses of raspberry pi, people use it as media box with LCDs etc. torrentboxes,

Home theaters, Robotics, retro arcades,small servers etc.

My favorite project is "Kano", it was one great idea with which many children out of third world

countries can have access to computer sciences and basic computer programming.

thank you for the information and Google is not my friend Google is Jewish

I got 2 512mb if any1 want to buy can sell for 7000 w with heatsink I'm in Islamabad flying back to US in few days ....

Here you go: Android Mini PCs, TV sticks, Raspberry Pi and much more.

You can buy it online for Rs.6200 from this website.

Visit link below to buy RASPBERRY PI MODEL B 756-8308 Raspberry Pi B online from Magiclamp Pakistan. Imported from USA and original only at Rs.6433/-

RASPBERRY PI MODEL B is available in many online stores in pakistan now...

some of them are


Price: Rs 6600/-


Price: Rs 5600/-

acspak.com is relatively new and offers limited products but its giving almost wholesale price..


Now RASPBERRY PI MODEL B is available at


Rs. 5199. (Minimum order: 05)


Rs. 5399 (single order)

Hope it helps..

Im building a 24x7 torrent machine with this raspberry pi b+

Then whats the use of this forum when google can help us in everything starting for sex to busniess.

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