I want more range of wifi

I am a mobile shop keeper. my shop and my home have 300 meters distance. I want connection the shop and home with the same line of DSL. so I brought tp link router 5210 . he does not give me signals of DSL so I broght an other WiFi tp link WiFi w740n .but I am not able for my purpose. so help me.

To extend WiFi signal, the second router has to be in repeater mode.

I'm also planning to buy some TPLink or any other Router to be used in Repeater mode. Any suggestion regarding which Router I should buy?

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Here are some things to remember:

- if you only need to improve communication in a particular direction, it'll be easier to go with directional antenna ... so get the device(s) with removable antennae

- also universal repeaters are good (if you cannot use LAN cable for access point) because they are generally easier to set up and support better security like wpa2 ... avoid WDS as you may get compatibility issues ... powerline adapters are another option (in the same building) though these may cause interference for others!

- as far as the TL-WA5210G is concerned, you have to keep in mind that the 'signals' have to travel both ways ... a high gain antenna at one point may not be able to make out the signal of the 'simple' omni antenna at the other end!

- you may read further at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-range_Wi-Fi

(some unamplified links go over a 100 Km!)



Friends first you must determine the range. If Saif requires to have signals 300 meters away then in my views its impossible to have. You even may not connect through a cable without placing router at every 225 feets. If you are willing, then you may need to install a radio communication system and it costs you more than hundred of thousands. So it is quite a wise suggetion to have your own internet connection at you shop.