I need suggessions for new motherboard

As Salam-0-Alikum.

i currently have a HP dc7700p SFF desktop pc for gaming. But recently my motherboard is damaged due to power fluctuations as we know. so i gave my pc to a known hardware shop, & they say that my motherboard is damaged permanently. so i am going to buy a new motherboard. my range is 5000-5500, i have checked the motherboards, & found two motherboards that suits me. one is intel's DG41RQ & ASUS P5B. but i need good suggessions from you guyz what is the best option & also if there are other boards in this range that can suite me. thanx in advance...

I would say go for INTEL DG41RQ as it has latest IntelĀ® G41 Chipset. This will make your system future proof if you upgrade your CPU in the future.

dont buy intel mobos

only asus or MSI

get asus p5kpl-cm ..best budget mobo wid all features

Thank u guyz for replying. i'll go for Intel DG41RQ, since its latest than ASUS P5B & KPL, after an year or two asus will gonna get old, plus the processor FSB is also 1066 while intel is 1333, if i'll upgrade to quad-core processor, than definately i will go for 1333FSB, so i guess Intel is a good option, plus driver issues are not known for intel, so intel is pretty much stable. Thanks again for the support. Also i live in islamabad, can anybody tell me which is the best place for my pocket to buy this motherboard??

try galaxy

DG41RQ is a good mobo. my friend bought it six months ago & its working quite good, it has good specs for the money. Did i mention that he plays Hitman 4 fine on it without an additional graphics card? :D You're good to go. Go get it. ;)

Even I'm planning to buy INTEL DG41RQ.

I contacted galaxy karachi and asked about warranty for 2 mobo's which are below :

1) ASUS (INTEL) P5QPL-AM G41-ICH7 1333FSB (LGA775-SND+LAN+VGA) 1 year warranty.

2) INTEL DG41RQ (LGA775-SND+AGP+GIGA LAN-800MHZ FSB) PCX SLOT 1 year warranty.

Then I contacted CZone (Computer Zone) they said:

1) ASUS (INTEL) P5QPL-AM G41-ICH7 1333FSB (LGA775-SND+LAN+VGA) 1 year warranty on card

2) INTEL DG41RQ (LGA775-SND+AGP+GIGA LAN-800MHZ FSB) PCX SLOT 3 years warranty

Now I'm confused. I normally always bought stuff from galaxy and they assembled my pc for free and no warranty issues although they take 30 to 40 days to process a warranty claim its my personal experience.

I wonder why would'nt galaxy provide 3 year warranty on intel mobo whereas on the other hand it's counterpart czone can provide it.

I am personally using DG41RQ. It is working fine.

@Ahmsun how much warranty does your motherboard have?

3 year.


I just rechecked my Warranty card, it states 3 years!

ok thnx.

bought this board 2 weeks back from PC House blue area for 4500 RS with 3 years warranty.