I need help!

Dear people I am here because just want to be alive. I am from Pakistan. My father don't live with us. When he was there, was on job but it didn't pay enough to overcome all the problems. We were living hand to mouth but in spite of this we were happy. Then one day we came to know that he has gotten second marriage and now he don't want to be with us even don't give some money.

Nobody can never ever know how is painful when you see your father have left you. Nobody can understand this except who is suffering. We all are scared and completely stressed out. Now I am doing job but my sibling can't they are too small for doing job as well my mother is totally house wife and illiterate. We are facing very many difficulties, living a rented flat. Because of limited amount of money we don't be able to pay our home rent. You know begging for help is a very humbling experience. It's also very difficult to wait for some miracle. I wish that I couldn't be here. But we have just fallen on hard times. Please I am begging all of you for help. Even if it's a small donation. Anything will make a difference.

I don't have bank account so please you can help me through Western union and you can easily contact me at needed_help92@yahoo.com

Thank you all very much. I believe that you will have reward for your kindness and generosity in this.

If what you say is true, I sympathize with you. But this is a technology forum and not a charity.