I need a professional php tutor

Guys i need someone who can teach me php from beginers level to advance .

plz tell me or contact me.

Read: http://www.php.net/manual/en/langref.php

Bro i need someone in karachi to teach me,so that i can learn it easily.

^ PHP is almost english. Have you even tried learning it on your own? And I've said this before, but if you have any intention of being a good developer, you have to learn to learn on your own. No one can teach you to be an 'advanced' programmer. Its a lot of sweat and blood with countless hours of coding. You have to do it alone and no one will hold your hand through it.

Learning by doing it is the best option

Learning alot just trying to do more on php learning part.

There are variety of Free Resources available to Learn PHP! I prefer you to search on Google with "Free PHP Tutorials and on Youtube with "PHP Tutorials" I am sure you can get much knowledge from there!

W3Schools is also another good resource of learning the basics

contact me at


i know some proffesionals,they can definately help u in this regards...

Man try in www.lynda.com it have some cool tutorial video. If you can afford then pay or else download the same from torrent. I hope those videos will be very very help full. they also have video on MYSQL and CSS. If possible buy a thinkdigit fast track on php.

try w3schools.com or tizag.com rather than paying someone your hard earned money. Both tutorials are helpful in learning programming languages.

Hope this helps :)

I think what you need is a project that you could work on


Try these examples and you might larn something new