I just damaged my HOMAGE UPS

Remember my
I just burnt that UPS today :( It was my own mistake while reconnecting the cables I donot know what the hell was I thinking and forget to check the Positive and Negatives and a lot of smoke & smell came out of UPS below is the image after burning ...

Apparently it is the burnt transformer .... Any suggestion how to save money now while going for a repair?????

Take it to an authorised service centre, tell them the truth and hope for the best.

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a couple of caps may also have blown..as long it is the transformer that got burnt, you can get it rewound or replaced.. shouldnt cost more than a few thousand at max.. if something in the board got fried, then it would be a bigger problem.

good repair person and repair shops depends on where you live...

Few thousand for repair?!!! Isn't a new one a few thousand?

few thousands means 1-3k.. depends on whether repaired or replaced.. new transformers are not cheap.

ASSALAMUALIKUM to all . It seem according to the image you posted that your ups didnt have primary side fuse . When you connected the battery in reverse polarity it created a dead short on chopper through mosfets . It could also have destroyed primary side chopper winding , but i thing it might have survived because it is wound using multi-strand winding wire . If your ups had fuse then most likely it can survive in situation like this .

I sent this UPS for repair after 2 months yesterday I received my UPS they charged me rs.1000 however there was a similar case where they charged him 3500 Rs it seems I got lucky, Support personnel at lahore office were so rude most specifically a beard guy nick name hafiz (a Taliban look alike) was at testing counter His behaviour was absolutely unbearable,
There was another customer who was charged Rs.7500 for a burnt UPS and again went offline after 12 hours, That guy was
almost crying other people were also not happy with UPS and I was feeling myself lucky at that time Homage customer service is pathetic they don't even tell you which parts are replaced Anyway thats the story for now

Another question I haven't charged my AGS 165amp battery for two months and its indicator which used to be blue now showing white what is that mean? do I have to do something which battery to get it back to its healthy state?

Yes, you need to charge it on higher voltage at a steady 10-12 amps rate for atleast 5-6 hours so it remains on float for a long time... then use them with your ups.. your local battery guy would be able to do that for you for a small amount..make sure he doesnot put it on over voltage....

Homage UPS Red lighting and Beeping.

Plz Help me

Whats its model no. is it shows any fault messages.

check ur fault message in display