I have problem with email

so i wanted to create a specific simple msn id

for example jack@pkforums.com

now if i create this id in msn live but i need to connect it to a email address,

i want to know how/whether i can do this in gmail or some other online email???

If you own pkforums.com, google provides such a service.

^ whatever domain u want to use u have to own like for me i own linuxprimetime.com

and therefore i can set up email on it with google apps

yeah use google apps you only have to modify the mx entries

and you can forward the mails to other account easily too

basically you get all the functionality of gmail

so i can create any id jack@xyz.com and connect it with google apps

so that i will receive email on above id ,,,is this correct

^as long as u own the domain on which u want to create the id then yes u can