I got my @ptcl.net mail account!

hey did anyone got it...

i applied for it about a week ago

and i got this mail today

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Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that PTCL has launched its new Email Service for its valued Broadband Customers. Your E-mail Account has been created with the following credentials:

1.To access your Email Account:

i)From Web:




Change your password as soon as possible.[which i have done so don't be happy]

ii)From OutLook:

Incomming Mail Server: imap-pop.ptcl.net

Outgoing Mail Server: smtp-relay.ptcl.net

Note: You must enable the following option in -> More Settings -> options My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

2. For Contacts / Calendar Synchronization download Desktop sync tool from webmail after installing place the following entries in settings option.

Server =

Port = 9080

Login Name: @ptcl.net



Mail Support Team



have anyone of you applied for it

go and grab you name account.....

ive got a very unique name so i can get accounts for my name almost everywhere e.g i hv yahoo account sameedshafi@yahoo.com, its cool having an uncommon name..lol

they have nice looking user interface pictures r here

and also the UI is not so heavy works great on slow conections

compose mail





have fun...

Nice interface! hard to believe its from ptcl...lol

yeah hard to believe

look more man real nice email view

with quick reply......

i liked it......

[if u cant see the whole pics above then in firefox right and click view image and it ll show up complete image]

I too got the account yesterday.

I also got @ptcl.net email account it works fine with IE and FF but not working with outlook express. Any one using @ptcl.net with outlook here ???

i have also got my email adress from ptcl can any one knows the limit of it and how can use it to synchorize with my mobile it hav listed europian countries in that list

I have also got the mail from ptcl, but when i try to access it, it gives username and password error. i cannot access it. i have replied to the same address but didnt not get the response from them yet.

i got my account as well but i cant use it. :/ i can log in but nothing happens when i click new email. i sent an email to that account and still didnt receive it. seems like a dummy account.

i think hotmail and gmail are enough for me :)

me too

features look good I think I will apply also

sorry for my ignorance, how do you apply for it ?

Go to : http://www.ptcl.com.pk/ptcl_email_form/feedback.php

n Register....

I have also submitted the form for like 3 days before....havnt got any mail...

What's the big deal with an xyz@ptcl.net account?

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What’s the big deal with an xyz@ptcl.net account?

normally companies or the businessmen need such email ids. coz i dont know exactly but in foreign they dont think that hotmail or gmail yahoo etc are verified and trusted email.

LDN offer email id


btw here is the interface which is offered by LDN to its users. [ 1GB email inbox ] where as PTCL offering 50MB space

^i can't trust ptcl with my email :D (i am just kidding) gmail is very good why would i need a ptcl.net email id, i would be embarrassed to give someone my @ptcl.net email address


The thing remains the same: If you want an account for your business, just get a domain and get an email only hosting package. ISP accounts are lame unless they are to be used for multiple registrations on certain sites.