I dnt know why android is getting my attraction

2morrow i am gng to buy my new mobile. It will be my first android Smart phone.....

After a long comparison b/w nokia c6-01 and samsung gio,, I am much intrested in Gio... C6-01 has 8mp camera but still samsung gio is very attractive for.. I dnt know y? I think it is just the craze of using new os... I had seen many intrestng videos about Samsung gio On youtube.. I hope that i would be able to do all that people on youtube were doing.....

-wats your budget?

-you should get an android set with at least 1Ghz processor if you want the best experience

It depends. If you do not want to do multiple things with mobile then Nokia might be better suited. But Gio has a huge bank of apps and features albeit the camera is not as good as C6. If you want more functionality, go for Gio, more stability then go for Nokia

I agree with deffury here. You need at least a 1 Ghz processor to run Android at a decent pace. Anything lower than that and it will not be a smooth experience.

any recommendations?