I am starting to like Zong more than Ufone... BUT

I think Zong really giving interesting packages (not the flood of packages like Ufone). The main reason why I like Zong more than Ufone is that any package Zong offers has truly "Unlimited" minutes (except for Flutter package) not like Ufone shouting UNLIMITED, UNLIMITED but giving only 100 minutes.

The only thing I really dislike about Zong is the limited number of SMS allowed. For weekly package 1,000 SMS are allowed, they are OK but I think at the time of re-subscription the remaining SMS should be added to the package just like Ufone offers.

Secondly for monthly SMS package, instead of giving 500 SMS/day they should offer 1,000 SMS.

What are your likes and dislikes about both companies?

^ If you seriously need to send that many messages then perhaps you should introduce yourself to apps like whatsapp. You'll be able to send unlimited messages without having to pay a penny (except any minor subscription fee)...

Seriously 1000 sms per day? what exactly do you do for a living?

with 1000 SMS package if you send 1 sms in every 30 second you spends 8 hours 20 mins a day sending SMSs?

!!Guinness world record!!

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Seriously 1000 sms per day? what exactly do you do for a living?


hehe I don't send 1000 SMS daily but sometime I forward funny msgs to my circle of friends / family.

Another reason why I said 1000 SMS instead of 500 is that after crossing the limit of given 500 SMS per day the SMS will be charged according to tariff, its like 1 Rupee per SMS. So to avoid any problem of crossing the limit they should give high no. of SMS.

I hope you get my point here.

This thread is so 2012 its not even funny. seriously though, who does that anymore.

itni farig time kahan se a jata hai logon k pass sms karnay ka. main tu i think poray month main 10 se zada sms nahi karta hon ga :o

I wonder why people expect everyone to do the same like they do. If Jani does something then it's better to give him advice instead of being judgemental.

On topic: I think SMS packages offered by Ufone are much better. Same goes for calling packages which include calling to PTCL numbers. For example in Karachi offer.

On the other hand I really like packages zong has on offer. They are not Stupid tier based packages like ufone and you get some really amazing 3g speeds at a decent price.

Currently I am using a dumb phone with Ufone and a smartphone with Zong for using Internet. This arrangement is working very well for me until now.

I also consume around 1000 sms per day,its my money,my time,my cell.

humanely it's not possible to send 1000 sms in one day you must have been using some auto sms machine

I'm okay with anybody sending a thousand sms's as long as they keep it to themselves. You ask you got it , take it with a grain of salt.

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its my money,my time,my cell.


hows that working out for you..