I am confused what to buy head phone or ear phone

Dear Users,

I want Head Phone or Ear phone in the range up to 2000 Rs.

I will mostly use it for movies & music. i want good dolby surround experience with good bass and also at the same time it should be relaxing and soft for my ears. I am using fujitsu laptop which has a pretty gud sound card.

I am confused that weather i go for ear phone or head phone, i have mentioned my requirement, please help me out guys which is gud for me head phone or ear phone and also tell me which brand according to my requirement.

thank you

Good Headphones FTW!!

good headphones can provide you awesome sound,bass and comfort...

i always prefer earphones.

using one that comes with Nokia phones.

they are great.

headphones are always pain for me.

Earphones will not offer the audio quality which headphones offer, you should go for headphones, look up creative site they have nice products.

I have short listed a4 tech HD 200 & HU 510 headphones to buy, so guys help me out which one to buy?

In-ear earphones are a good option. Not only do they isolate outside noise by virtue of their placement, you can use lesser volume while getting a pretty clear audio level.

Headphones are a good option too but only if you want to remain tethered to your computer or TV.

If you listen music more than you watch movies then go for HD 200, if you watch movies and rarely listen to music go for HU-510....