I am confused between these two LED monitors, HP and Viewsonic

Which one should I go for, my maximum range is 14 thousand rupees, I was looking for atleast 18.5 inch. Use for gaming and movies.



You may also recommend some other monitor (LCD or LED) in this range which you might think is a better deal.

Not much of a difference in tech specs .... if either of them falls under ur price range, get it.

Viewsonic has speaker/head phone option as an extra feature while HP has better looks.... If you don't care about speaker/headphone option go for HP.

there is no better monitor then viewsonic vx2025 in lower price range.


@Sumair: I dont get why that one is 17 thousand rupees. The Viewsonic one I listed (VA2038) has a response time of 5 ms, while VX2025 has a response time of 8ms, which I suppose is not suitable for gaming. Is there some difference between the two I am missing?

the Viewsonic one you listed (VA2038) does have a better response time,

therefore it is advisable you should pick one of the lcds/leds which you originally listed in your first post.

I would suggest getting the led model because they have better black levels and color accuracy.

LCD prices goes by panel technology inside them. the ones you posted have TN panel with higher refresh rate like 2ms but they have average color and viewing angles even after calibration.

panel technology for lcd are.

1) S-IPS (most expensive , excellent colors , viewing angles)

2) P-MVA (decent price, nice colors , viewing angles just short of IPS)

3) TN ( cheap, ok colors , average angles, better for gaming only)

i would recommend view sonic which is little more expensive but better then most in the market. i bought it for graphics work but it is great for gaming too with no blur effects when moving in

games such as counter strike.

read the review here:- http://www.prad.de/en/monitore/review-viewsonic-vx2025wm.html

hope that helps.

^... if thats an IPS panel LCD, it would be an excellent choice over any TN panel and in 17k, cheap as well.

Edit: i think its a VA panel... which explains the price. But its also very good choice over TN panel.