Hydrogen Fuel Cell Based Inverter (New Alternative Source of Energy)

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What is Fuel Cell??

Fuel Cell is a device (like Generator) that converts the Chemical Energy of Hydrogen(Fuel) and Oxygen(from Air) into Electricity while generating Heat & water as by Products.

Favorable Characteristics of Fuel Cell:

- High Conversion Efficiency (from fuel to electricity as there is no combustion process like Gasoline/Diesel Engine)

- No Toxic Emissions (water and heat as by products)

- Low Noise Levels (as there r no mechanical moving parts)

- System Scalability (few Watts to several Mega Watts)

- Low Maintenance (no wear and tear, no mechanical moving parts just a Chemical Reaction)

- High Operating Time

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Engr Asad

What about production of hydrogen itself? I hear its expensive ....

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What about production of hydrogen itself? I hear its expensive …


We can extract Hydrogen from Water by mean of some process “Water Cracker”

Wet cell Battery also produces H2. You can collect it. B)

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Wet cell Battery also produces H2. You can collect it. B)


yeah nice idea brother but it produces in very lil amount during charging or discharging cycle, who gonna charge or discharge battery?? what would be the cost of that, there r lots of Water Cracker available in Market to extract Hydrogen from Water, so it means u can get electricity from Water, but itself the Fuel Cell is so Expensive

One common method which I know to produce hydrogen is, poring sulphuric acid on solid Zinc. The reaction produces large amount of hydrogen. This method is used in weather balloons. Balloons for kids also contain hydrogen from the same source.

You are only an year and a half late. :)

I'll just leave it here. Enjoy!

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You are only an year and a half late. :)

I’ll just leave it here. Enjoy!


nice info Man i am working on Fuel Cell Technlogy (Control Systems) for last 3 years, but still people in pakistan r not aware of it basic operation, so the purpose of creating this thread is to inform people about Fuel Cell technology, as u can see in my video i have developed the control System + the inverter for the PEM Fuel Cell Stack,

finally Hydogen Fuel Cell Inverter Project has been completed

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Inverter BOX has

1) Fuel Cell Control Card:

A State of the art PIC based controllers r pertained for this JOB

• PI-Controller on Voltage Loop: To regulate the output voltage by manipulating the inlet Hydrogen Flow.

• P-Controller on the Temperature Loop: To regulate the Fuel Cell Temperature by controlling the FAN speed,

• Time Based purge control.

• Over Temperature Shutdown Protection

2) Inverter Card:

Its a 300W Switched Mode Technology Inverter with Output voltage Regulation

• Topology: Isolated Flyback Transformer

• Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave

• Output: 220V 50Hz AC, 300W (maximum)

• Input: 9 to 15 VDC

3) Batteries:

6v x 2 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Just to Startup the Fuel Cell, once it get start the Batteries Disconnect automatically then goes in charging Mode (Just like Car Battery).

4) Fuel Cell Stack (H-100):

• Rated Power: 100W

• Voltage: 14v @ 7.2A

• Fuel: Pure Hydrogen

5) Valves:

• Inlet: Hydrogen Solenoid Valve.

• Outlet: Purge Solenoid Valve.



Can we get this in Pakistan for home usage?!

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Can we get this in Pakistan for home usage?!


yeah sure very soon we will launch it in Pakistan,

just u need Hydrogen to get electricity for home use (no Charging, no Noise, no Toxic emissions, exhaust is pure Water Vapours), currently we r using it in our LAB & we r happy with this GREEN Technology,


Engr Asad

nice, but where to get hydrogen, do we also need to buy that thing which will first break water to produce hydrogen and oxygen? How much investment will i need if i need to replace my current UPS which is of 1500 watts with 2 batteries of 150amps each.