Huwei IDEOS U8150 of Zong, 2 weeks used

I'm selling huwei Ideos, i bought on 23rd of november from ZONG sales center.

As I have already described how much this mobile is useful in zongroid topic, I have no complains against this phone. I just want to buy something else and I'm short of money.

It has 6 month warranty and all the accessories which came with it.

The screen is intact with screen protector and pouch, which I bought my self.

I can ship to any city with buyers expense as I can expect a low bids.

Here are some of the pics, Sorry for the blurt pics.





Now finally comes the demand, I have paid 16000 rupees for it, So I will expect that a serious buyer should only text who can pay me well.

Demand is 13K which I think needs no negotiation. So its almost fixed.

Happy bidding.

Why are you selling it? Any specific reason? Also does it have another back cover with a decent colour? That blue one looks very gaudy.

Engel may want to use other than zong sim in that set.

Can it be unlocked? From where and for how much?

Also, can we unlock it ourselves?

Yes it can be unlocked from saddar, don't know the current price but they were asking 900 last time I visited, but it will void the warranty.

I want to sell it just because I want to have a better phone, With better camera.

This phone is very poor with camera, Other then that phone is awesome.

Any one got his Zong Android unlocked and how much paid and what is experience?


^ why the first three pictures are blurred where as the last one is so fine :P

lol don't know, I thook the third pic from distance and then crop it :P may be that's the reason

How much do you want for it (if it is still for sale)