Huawei u8150 ideos

does any one know if huawei ideos (u8150) is available any where in karachi? i do not want to buy it with zong sim .. this is not an exclusive chinese set from zong and is freely available worldwide...also zong sells it for 16000 where as really its much cheaper probably 10000-12000 ... so if any one has any idea where i can get a brand new set with warranty and no contract (in karachi) please let me know

Same question here...

It would be very difficult to find this handset unlocked in the market as Huwaei does not sell its units through retail. They mostly sell it through Network Operators worldwide. Best bet would be to get it from outside Pakistan from sites like eBay or Amazon. It has been launched as T Mobile Comet in the USA and is supported on Pakistan networks. You can arrange it to be bought from there and then get it unlocked. Its currently available for $186 on Amazon which is almost exactly equal to the price here in Pakistan. So you guys can wait a bit for the price to drop since it is fairly new launch there in the USA.