Huawei HG510a configuration settings

Hi, my previous Huawei HG510 router was fried due to over voltage. I recently got a new modem from PTCL HG510a. There's one annoying problem though. For some reason I can't get it working under normal router mode. The DSL light is stable and I get ip addresses as well. But the internet light is off and I can't browse. If I put it in bridge mode, then the net works fine. Is there something that needs to be done with this router to make it work in router mode other than bridge mode. I find bridge mode extremely annoying as I have to connect it manually every single time.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

no no there is no issue

Same case was with me last time

may be you didn't selected your PTCL actual WAN profile as default from router settings.

That's may be one reason as i had a personal experiences with this STABLE DSL & NO Internet LIGHT thing, if you still facing this problem simple solution is that delete all WAN profiles and create a single one setting it to default :P

B.T.W i just want to ask was there any other version of Huawei Ecolife HG510a before provided by PTCL

As, i never got this model before just got this model on new connection last moth.

Yes, there was HG510 provided by PTCL. Probably the best amongst all modems offered by PTCL. I got another one from a friend, so I'm using it. The only drawback is that it restarts when my lights switch to UPS backup, cuz its adapter is very heavy and requires heavy voltage. This new HG510a looks very cheap compared to what I'm using.

i am using this new one


its not much different what you posted above.....