Huawei 3g usb for laptop and router

Can any body tell me huawei E1756 3g usb dondle setting with Pakistan Mobile Carriers?I have tried this with ufone sim showing connected but no download without any extra string setting in windows modem.In Mobile Partner software,I have given AP:ufone.pinternetand dialed *99***1# and connected but no downloading data.

I have called ufone service 333 and they told me extra setting,In Laptop control panel modem setting in Advanced tried Extra setting strings like

+CGDCONT=1,"IP","ufone.pinternet" and Dial on *99***1#

I have tried this but got Error "port not open "and some time server time out and some time 720 error.

If any one using 3g sim usb can tell me configuration and can we use this 3gusb with ptcl 3g usb router?

Can we make this 3g usb for ptcl 3g wingle or dongle?

First make sure that the drivers are installed correctly and the control manager > Device manager shows your 3G USB modem.

Method 1 : Now create a dial-up connection and leave everything as it as with no password no username and dial-up number to be *99#

Method 2 : Open the utility program for the modem (if none then download Mobile partner free program from the web) and create a profile for Ufone 3G enter APN (get from ufone website) and the dialup number shown above.

I hope this solves your problem. Also mention for how much and where you purchased this modem from.