HTPC/ Media Centre

i m thinking to build HTPC or Media Centre now i just need few things for this,

and my existing hardware where i want HTPC to work.

Projector input S-video, Video, VGA

TV can accept simple TV input and Video input.

for media centre i need pc and with some storage (hard drive) but problem i m facing which remote control should i use? and what os is better? do i need any third party software for this purpose? can some one please point me to right direction. and i want this media center friendly interface so anyone can use it with remote.

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There was a thread in the forum before the hacking. The main stumbling block is the availability of a proper TV Tuner card. Local markets in Pakistan does not have hardware MPEG encoding cards available. If you can manage to get a decent card from abroad, then you are in luck. Try LinuxMCE

MythTV is one option, Vista is another, but will require a lot more hardware.

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MythTV is one option, Vista is another, but will require a lot more hardware.

ditto on mythtv

or if u want a distro with myth tv built in try mythbuntu

there is also windows XP media center edition.... i think windows wud be better than linux if u get a crappy tv-card... but if you can arrange a good quality tv-card than ofcourse linux is more powerfull and less resource intensive...

well my purpose of HTPC is not watch TV but to watch all downloaded and stored media files and play mp3. and more importantly i want to control this HTPC using remote control (like you play cd or dvd on your home dvd/cd player) not keyboard or mouse in any case,

^ then myth tv will do just fine

dude u will need remote conteroller for that.... (obvioulsy) and since all OSes are capable of runnin dvds, cds, mp3 and downloaded media the remaining bit is the TV... and thts why all the previous posts reffers TV in it.....

well i m not interested in tv part, so just want to watch downloaded files, can any one recommend any remote for this purpose.,en

logitech has a good collection but i think ull hav a hard time gettin ur hands on any of them in !@#$.... try gettin any CHINIES one.... it will b cheap tweakable and easy to use...

what about this?

any one have any experience with this???

nop... i have used the remote which came with my tv card but its crap.... so i stopd usin it....

dude chk this out....

PCWorld Article: Turn Any PC Into a Media Center

thankx m8, that is very helpful