HTC used phone check list?


I am interested in buying HTC used phone from Hafeez center, so any one please guide me which things I should be looking while buying HTC used phones ? As in case of Nokia, Sony its simple ... but not sure what to check when buying Windows based HTC phones... !!!



Firstly check the market and then synchronize it with your budget. :) only for used mobiles!

And then you'll have some thing in your mind.

Always check Camera while buying HTCmobiles, usually they din't have good cam, But the sound quality is always good. Atleast go for 3.2MP cam never go for something below than that, coz these are such dark times(with 2MP cma you'll stand in the line primitive people from african jungles :D )!

Secondly Check the Wifi's(if the phone has wifi).

Check the OS version, try getting a phone withWM6 atleast or you'll be disturbeD! ( you can falsh it afterwards to a higher OS verion easily, without any problem).

Other details are not much important.

Camera, Sound, WiFi is a generic checklist while buying any used phone, I never bought any Windows based phone ... so wasn't sure what do I need to check in this case...

So is it possible to replace\Steal RAM & ROM from HTC phone ? I think ROM will be integrated in phone board, but RAM would be in shape of some memory card just like normal phones .. right ?

And whats abt the flashing... ? how to know that current version of Windows on Phone is legit ?

is there any 'dxdiag' or 'Device Manager' type command in Windows based phones to check everything on phone ?



^no its not possible to replace ram & rom atleast in Pakistan. So you don't need to worry. You can check the ram and rom in Settings>System

Its just like device manager thing. There are no commands as there is no RUN command box.