HTC diamond rom upgrade help!

using a smart phone for the first time, this phone has wm 6.1 nhathoa rom, with this rom there are several problems,

1. messages are not being sent but i can receive.

2. many features are disabled like teeter game (for which i actually bought this :D) is not there.

and comparing the default phone on internet it have some different UI. I tried to get a rom from htc site, but after entering the serial number, the upgrade rom i get is in italian so i did not downloaded that thinking it will surely change my phone langauge to italian and may be it get locked again.

Now please suggest me HOW I GET A BETTER ROM for this phone and how do i install it.

^Phones does not get locked after upgrading rom, [!] Except there might be chances if you upgrade to any official rom. [!]

There might be two problems mainly, consider them

1. You might have upgraded to a rom that was not to be mean't for Diamond, in that case mention the Place where you donwloaded the rom?

2 You need to upgrade the Radio of your device, you can find many at xda-developer, google for it.

Search for it here the Link

For the messages check the advance configuration tool >messages or sometinhg like that!

you might find sending text messages disabled.