Htc Diamond housing replacement!

Ok so my htc diamond thats 2 years old is working good but its disqusting to look at now. Its completely scratched up and i just lost the stylus aswell which for me was breaking point!

So my question is that can i buy new housing for the diamond here in Karachi and if so from where? Any ideas on prices?

thanks in advance

I am also on the hunt for HTC (Touch Viva) housing/skin to replace my original one. Please do inform if you find a place to get it from.

^ +1 :)

@yashoo11: are you using stock rom for diamond or have replaced it with a custom rom? I was using WM6.5 custom rom but had to use my old O2 AtomLife a few days back with 6.1 ROM and it now appears faster as compared to Diamond even though I felt the opposite when I started using diamond. I am thinking of switching back to 6.1 on diamond as well. If you are using a custom 6.1 rom and satisfied with it, do post a link for that. Thanks!