HP pavillion dv4 battery needed 12 cell

any1 guide me where i can find the battery of hp pavillion dv4 12 cell urgent thanks

Same battery goes with DV4 & DV6, you will get it with us @ Rs. 7,000/- with 3 month warranty. our PTCL is 3-5831171, 0321-2187000

that's price of 12 cell battery? and genuine?

Sir, the same battery is being sold in the market for Rs. 9 - 12k, claiming to be the genuine. Cant go into details, and cant take names here of the GENUINE places who are selling THE same battery on higher margin and laughing after the sales.

and yes, this is 12 cell battery pack.

Just to add: Same goes with charger, you believe me or not is entirely upto you, but same charger is being sold for as high as 9000/- which is easily available in the market for 1800-2500/-. :)

others are claiming the same battery to be genuine? meaning it's not genuine, the one being offered above??? don't care about the price, just need to know if genuine or not.

Its China A copy, works perfectly fine, comes with 3 months warranty.