Hp or Fujitsu : LCD buying Suggestions Needed

I have these two 20" LCD in my budget

Both are available at Galaxy Lahore in

Fujitsu L-3200T (12000PKR)

HP x20LED (13700PKR)

Kindly suggest which one is best in terms of quality and durability, as i plan to use it for more than 5 years :P

Fujitsu has speakers and Hp has LED, (BTW does LED's have an Edge over LCD's?) if yes then what besides low power consumption and more eco-friendly!

Go with the HP, it has a DVI connector, the Fujitsu doesnt.

HP. Reasons:

- More reliable.

- Matte Display and Anti glare screen (If you preference is mostly reading, for movies or games gloss is recommend but not a deal breaker if its matte).

- DVI Connector (Believe me the picture quality is definitely better if you have a Graphic card with DVI port)

- LED (I think the Fujitsu one is LCD, no?)

Internal Speakers are useless mostly since there is no bass in their sound and the quality is not even bearable for music playback. LED has sharper and brighter colours as compared to LCD in addition to low power consumption.

I usually don't play games, But i do watch a lot of Movies + Read a lot of stuff online + Do some Graphic Designing work, Hp seems a better option but Fujitsu is more sleek and stylish :o

Oh. Btw. The HP one is a bit cheaper at Czone.com.pk. Its for Rs. 12,900.


And if you are considering a good looking lcd then Samsung LCD is the best looking one out there, but i dont like the glossy screen. I wish our touch cellphones had matte screens too! :) That would be super cool.

viewsonic vx2025 with mva panel.

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viewsonic vx2025 with mva panel.

Yep Viewsonic are nice LCDs too. I have a 19 incher at my home. The colours and the sharpness is awesome. Plus its matte finish which i prefer, of course. :)

In comparison of both.... HP is far better than Fujitsu

Add 2k more and buy Viewsonic LED available on Galaxy as it has DVI as well as speakers..So these two things are worth the 2k increase!

Actually i am going to deduct 2k and will go for Samsung 18.5" :D

Have you considered for Viewsonic? if not then you should check Viewsonic once before buying...

I believe you will prefer it if test with other brands along side. Output is lovable on Viewsonic...

I don't know what the company says. but I rarely see any one complaining about Viewsonic... I am having one for more than 2 years.

Samsung is also a better in LCDs and as well comparable but I'll prefer to go for Viewsonic.

Look for the features as well..... also spending Rs. 2000/- more is better if you are getting a good product...