HP Laptop spare parts in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

My laptop fan stopped working few days back so it was shutting down again and again after overheating. So I disassembled it today, cleaned the fan, applied some oil and while assembling the laptop again, I think I managed to mess up the cable the connects the touchpad and front LEDs to the mainboard. :(

The overheating issue is gone now, but the touchpad and front LEDs no more function. And thus, I need to get replacement of that cable. At worst I wrecked the touchpad and front LEDs board, and at best the fault lies in the cable.

Reply if you happen to know some place where HP laptops are repaired, or any shop that offer replacement parts, in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

I think Umer Electronics in dubai plaza rwp might help you.

Thanks. Do you know of any such shop in Saddar?

I am not sure but Wise Tech might help you there as i have seen them dealing with dell laptops so you can try them.