How's Qubee?

How's Qubee as an ISP

I use Qubee in my Office and i,m satisfied this service, I Used also wateen,ptcl,witribe, But i like Qubee. Qubee Give Fast Internet service than other Internet service providers

I m Using Qubee from Last 7 days and its Working Awesome 130 Kb speed

in the starting its got disconnected alot but now working fine Without Any Disconnections :)

I Hope it will stay like this for ever :)

One word for it. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C :/.

@JDK Yes bro i know Your Story about cap Downloading and Slow speed

but i will use this for Only 1 month so i really dont care about CAPPING for me its working AWESOME till now

all wireless ISP has fair use policy and i don't like this

Ya That's True

But i Think PTCL don't have any Fair use Policy ?

^ I don't know that


If you have used PTCL Broadband then any ISP will feel like a tortoise to you..

believe me

I myself used Qubee.

In my area coverage was PERFECT and from first day till last i got 5/5 signals day and night.

Avg down stream was 120Kbsps torrents worked PERFECTLY.

I switched to PTCL due to UNLIMITED. As, Qubee use to gave dongle for UNLIMITED. That's what i hate in my life.

Qubee's FAIR USE POLICY sucks....