How To View 3d Movies/Games

I have Intel Core i3 systed with inno3D GeForce GTS 250 (1GB) Graphic card in it , i think my card can support 3D, and i am also planing to buy Samsung 22" 120 Hz 3D monitor.

I want to ask you guyz where can i download or purchase movie in 3D , any of you have any experience in viewing 3d in Computer

first you need particular glasses

I have that Buddy Nivida Shutter Glasses

^ is that glasses available in pakistan....?

I dunno , i bought that from US online

from which site do you get it and with paypal or cc?

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^ is that glasses available in pakistan…?

a blueray player and a pair of these glasses comes free with Samsung 3D TV in Pakistan…

with nvidia shutter glasses u need the supported card and 120 hz monitor and that nvidia 3d software that's it

@ abdulsami i have inno 3d GTS 250 card which supports 3D

then u only need the required monitor and software u probably have with the nvidia CD or download from nvidia site

Ammar77, ^ is that glasses available in pakistan....?

3d glasses are available for 18500 rs from galaxy karachi

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Ammar77, 3d glasses are available for 18500 rs from galaxy karachi

He already has one

Well em enjoying 3D Vision in my PC, its Awesome Specially the Gaming.

U can enjoy 3d movie with particular glasses and purchase 3d movie from market "hafeez centre" 3d movies not free available on internet this time,may be in future available

3d movies can be downloaded from net as well. But as far as i know you have to have 3d tv + glasses to enjoy it.

Can 3d movies be played on a HD tv or lcd, and just with those glasses will one have complete 3d vision even on a normal lcd tv.?

@Imran1900 3D movie is available on internet i have downloaded several movies like avatar, resident evil but the size is too big like Avatar 3D was 12.5 GB :D

@IconSorcing u need 3D Vision Kit + 120 Hz LCD Monitor Like Samsung 2233RZ

What about LCD TVs. Any LCD TV would play them with the help of 3d vision kit.? I guess no.


If it was so simple then samsung should throw 3d tvs, and 120htz monitors. Filmmakers should never announce a "Title" now in 3d. Softwares can do wonders but not everything.