How to use internet even when internet down

one of my friend has wi tribe internet connection (USB dongle) he isn't on postpay package he uses prepay card to reactive his internet when its expired, when his download data reached to given DATA limit then his internet automatically slow down and shows a message on Wi tribe account page (ok this is fair use policy) and at last when his internet expires then he restricted to all web expect only wi tribe site BUT from few days he noticed he is still able to browse sites like google+ , skype, gmail, picasa, utorrent with good speed (don't its bug or what)

question is any of you guys know any trick or cheat to access to all web pages without reactivating through card?

why i asked this?

he regularly requsting me to run teamviewer & left your pc for some time he download some torrent files and check his mails :lol: if you do provide any solution then he might leave doing this to me