How to upgrade to android 2.3 gingerbread

I am using samsung galaxy gio with froyo... Now I want to upgrade to gingerbread.. Anybody here have the idea... ??

Is it safe to upgrade.. What are the benifits? Kindly teply.. Is gingerbread functional with pakistani networks?... I dnt want panic.. Thanks..

The best resource for samsung mobile phones on the intenet (this is the page for galaxy gio, you need to be registered to see the page)

It has all the firmware's and has a nice guide explaining it how to flash a firmware of your choice on your cell phone. It is safe to upgrade if you know what you are doing, the benefits are that it is faster then froyo with more functionality. The firmware has nothing to do with the network as it works everywhere.

i think samsung has not yet officially launched upgrades for mini and gio but if you wanna go ahead and check it then there are beta versions available for your phone but with this you may lose your phone warranty

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Is it safe to upgrade..

No its not safe if you not having any idea about flashing then your phone may get in trouble or brick

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Is gingerbread functional with pakistani networks?

yes every firmware is compatible with phone and as well with networks (chose always regional ROM to flash for more compatibility and languages support)

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I dnt want panic..

go to Samsung service center

It means i can not upgrade to 2.3... oopss. Okaa...

Complete guide to upgrade to gingerbread samsung Gio only

I upgrade my Gio and its working fine but found two issue only

After update u will loose urdu language/features

NFS Shift Not working

Actually the versions which are available are not beta but these are for different regions. But you have to wait months for Asian or Urdu stock version. I am using Android 2.3.4 Stock ROM of another region and its working fine.

can u please share the link from which urdu version is available.

I emailed Samsung about it. I hope they reply.

hi guys anybody knows how to send and recive mms in samsung galaxy gio.....i have done al the gprs setting but its not working