How TO Up Date Antivirus in a pc without network connection

Hello Friends.

I need to know that how do i upgrade my antivirus as i am not using net at home.

Generally i am using kaspersky and sometimes nod 32,i download the update nod32 antivirus from net using my friend's pc who is using net.

But when i paste over the file directory in eset updfile and after that when i want to update the antivirus it didn't get any path to update.

I still not try this process for kaspersky.

If anyone know the complete procedure pl. send me in detail.

Thanx in Advance.

download updates for kaspersky

and run it on your system,read "How to install?" on that page if you get stuck, some times AV makers mess up the updating process if they figure out the copy of AV is not legal,they instantly cripple it, its quite common with kaspersky

to update nod32 antivirus, copy all the .dat extension files which are in the nod32 antivirus to the new system's same folder and then it will be updated.

Think the main problem to that is all about how to update with out internet connection, you can easily get a update security system, in the internet with your friend then download in your flash drive, then apply it in your pc. try that format.