How to Turnoff LED TV's Startup Sound?

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Hope you frenz are gud ... I am not sure if it is appropriate Section for my question. if not I make apology beforehand.

My problem is ...

Recently I bought a Orient LED TV and its startup sound is pretty annoying , particularly when TV is switched on while the volum level was already at its highest point. I couldn't find the solution in TV manual . I have also bothered Sir Google but of no avail :( . I want to know if there is a way to turnoff this startup sound or Orient official Tune ????

Looking forward to your help


It should be somewhere in the menu but since these are all Chinese TVs so anything is possible.

Can you provide a link to the PDF manual? You may try calling their service center and ask them about how to disable it. Sometimes such settings are in the service menu.

Yes there is a way but I cannot remember where the setting is. Just play around with the menu and try finding something called start up option or something on those lines. I did that on a samsung and a sony and there is no reason why any other brand would not have an option to control the volume of that start up sound. It is pretty annoying some times.

Thank you frenz to trouble yourself to reply. actually I have tried almost all the menus but I couldn't find any such thing to adress the issue ..... its an open request .... if anybody , anytime manages to get the solution ... plz don't forget to share it here. till then I ll be trying my luck with remote-control. :-D


Open the case and cut one cable to that tiny speaker, hopefully the issue will be resolved