How to take back up of my phbb forum


There is no option in administration panel to take the back up of my forum hosted on iforums free forums. I sent them an email for any option of back up and no response. I want to move to private domain but do not want to loose the existing posts.

Here is the forum address

Can any one help?


Muhammad Khabbab


Hello Muhammad,

To backup your forum, you'll need to download a copy of your database, as all of your forum's messages are stored in the database. If you've made any design changes to your forum, those will be Assuming you are using MySQL for your database, you'll need to get a "database dump",

What administration panel (ie: control panel) has your host installed for you? I'd be happy to walk you through the process of downloading a copy of your database and (if you need it) tell you how to import it into your new host, as it's something that I do many times a day, believe me!

Good luck to you in your move!

I think phbb administration panel . Below is the screen shot. But how to take Database back up, there is no option i checked out. I do not have access to the DB.


your help will be highly appreciated.

These free phpbb boards want you to pay $20+ if you want

a copy of your SQL database. Some of these board hosting

companies are fly-by-night operations and have little or no

support. So even if you are ready to pay them to get your

database, there isn't anybody reliable at the other end, ready

to take your money and give you a copy.

If you are not lucky in getting a(any) response, I would do this:

Trace your board's domain IP address. Do a "Whois" search

and find out who the real owner of the board hosting company

is. With that info you'll have their real email address & location.

They'll be inclined to take the mail more seriously on that add.

Other than that, the only (rumoured) way I have heard it done,

is to write a program called "crawler" that will go on the net and

crawl all over your board, automatically generating a MySQL

database for your board. I have heard people in-the-know who

can do this. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

Good luck, amigo.




Sheikh 'Scrawler' Chilli