How to Sync Texts in Outlook

Can anyone tell me that is there is any way i can sync my text messeges from my Imate Kjam with wm5 to my outlook 2007. Or can i backup my texts to my pc so if i change my handset then i can restore them.

sorry i have no idea about imate but if your changing set to nokia than nokia pc suite will allow you to use outlook for contacts, notes and todo.

There must be pc software for imate which sync with set. So are you using any software for sycn with imate?

i think you can use contact manager or outlook to sync your contacts or just install some other soft lyke oxygen phone manager

First try checking the Sync Center for Control Panel.If it still does not work then try installing the MS Active Sync 4.5 from microsoft website.I think that will allow you to synv your i mate with your outlook

I am syncing my contacts and outlook data but now i want to sync my text messseges to my imate. This is a big question

dude i have KJAM, though its a bit damaged now a days so aint using it.....its simple when you sync thru active sync, just check the options messages and anything more u want like contacts....

it will make a folder in my documents, which will have the things u selected...++ if u hve outlook installed the contacts are automatically synced, about text msgz im not very sure but all the things in your outlook email in messages is XM6r3 (custom wm6) u can send sms messages thru outlook, so that msgs will be synced....

try using XM6r3, its stable and obviously better than wm5