How to setup ptcl dsl on pc

computer is ready with lan adapter but i don't know how to setup connection can you please post setup step by step with details thanks to all

noone knows that?

make sure you are having your network adapter installed properly.....and now plz post your modem details like manufacturer....model no......etc

i am really sorry to say this modem not having any kind of brand name or model at top of it just a logo that is PTCL BROADBAND with green colour

it is impossible, look carefully and also ob may be zte shiro huwei ...etc

This might help:

You could follow the instructions for ZTE ZXDSL 831CII, as most basic modem settings are the same.

Right click and click save as:

If you want settings for other modems, like:



ZTE_831 Series



Then, go to this page:

Scroll to the bottom, and you will find the guides for these modems.

i think this one is ZTE_831 Series

anyways lets try to configure it

open ur browser like firefox or ie


asking user name and password

admin user name password is also admin

on the top had an option quick start click on it

The Quick Start will guide you through these two quick steps. Begin by clicking on NEXT.

Step 1. Set your Internet connection

Step 2. Save the settings of this ADSL Router

click on next

select PPPoE/PPPoA

and click next

put user ptcl DSL user name and password

if u have oun line then VPI:8 and VCI:81 i dont know about other lines

click on next

Quick Start Complete !!

The Setup Quick Start has completed. Click on BACK to modify changes or mistakes. Click Complete to save the current settings.

just click on next

after click Complete button just restart ur DSL router

ready to use :P

thanks it works