How to setup proxy server on your website?

Hi all,

I wanna set proxy server on my website (Squid proxy) on my Linux-Based website. How to setup the squid on your website?

What are you trying to do? Reverse proxy?

I just need simple proxy.

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I just need simple proxy.

What are you trying to proxy, man? Why don’t you describe in detail what you want? There are reverse proxies, forward proxies, web proxies etc. Nothing called “simple proxy” :) If you don’t know the correct term then explain in detail what you want and I maybe able to help you.

I think they mean a basic caching server - not CGI, but one in which you have to plug in the entries in the browser's settings page (as in - a squid proxy)

You Should post some detail here , there can be tons of reason for a proxy .

if you need just to bypass traffic via your proxy server .

You need root access to the system , it cant be done on Shared Websites ,

You need a vps of Dedicated server ,

Then what sort of OS you are using

Fedora/CentOS/RedHat etc have different setup

Ubuntu/Debain based os have diffrent setup

Top of All , its not easy for noobs , you must first understand what proxy is , :)

Actually, I wanna access it from from US.

Try using Web based proxy script , you can install them on your shared hosting without extra effort or knowledge