How to set up local wireless isp?


Brothers i wanna set up a new local wireless isp in my town with range of 3km. I wanna know that how can i set this. and what kind of antenna i should use so that people should get signals inside theirs homes. And what kind of software i should use to control their bandwidth and authentication. how to set up a server for that?

Please Explain i'll be really gratefull to you.

hmmm not sure what you are doing bud, but you first need to get a good optic fiber connection which is only leased to isp's from ptcl.

First you would need a license, otherwise you would be convicted of unauthorized communication. Second you need professional equipment, these are so expensive that if 10 houses buy their own connection from PTCL it would still be cheaper than to subscribe to your ISP service. Third you would need a broadband connection we are talking about 100 mbps dedicated line.

You are not thinking of using charji to set up your own ISP? are you? It would be like reverse engineering the whole

Just my 2 cents.....

I think it would be cheaper/feasible to buy a long range (in some KMs) wifi repeater e.g.

There is perhaps cheaper hardware out there..

hey man, maybe in the process you will revolutionize the whole thing and make pakistan name proud, although there is already Lifi introduced so better look at that too.