How to save my file?


Virus has attacked my computer. I need to reinstall my operating system and antivirus. For this reason have I lost any data from my hard disk? How will I save them.Please anybody help me.


If your windows is still alive, attach a portable hard disk, transfer your data, reinstall windows and antivirus, update antivirus, connect portable, scan portable before opening it, transfer files back.

Second option: install some other good antivirus if windows is still alive, update it, scan your system, then reinstall windows.

Third option: connect your hard disk to other computer which has fully updated antivirus, scan it, transfer your important files, format it if needed, reinstall everything.

fourth option: get a new PC

Well there are sveral options :

-Copy data while in Safe Mode

-use reanimator, Remove everything, and then copy stuff

^reanimator antivirus?

Does it restore affected registry files?

You could go to and find registry applications


Before reinstall your operating software If your windows active you will save your data into a pen drive .

When you reinstall OS then only C drive data deleted but the data of D or E will not deleted. All data on c drive you may shifted to the D,E drive.

If your operating soft is dead,you will connect hard disk with other machine which have a high protected anti virus. At first scan then open your hard drive. Don't open before scanning.

If scanning is not possible.You will use the data recovery software.You may get more solution to this site-