How to run pcdvd disc of mgs3 using pcsx2 emulator

Hello all of u,

i have a big problem can anyone resolve it?

i have a pcdvd disc of metal Gear Solid3 for pc it contains the following files:

1.winrar 3.6 (winrar3.6x.multilanguage-pat...,winrar patch.exe, wrar360.exe, wrar360.nfo msinfo document 2kb, wrar360.rar winrar archive 1,075kb, wrar360.sfv sfv file 1kb)

2.pcsx2_0.9.4.rar winrar archive of 96,507kb files i.e; metal gear 3.mds MDS File of 5kb

metal gear 3.md0 MD0 File of 259,040kb

metal gear 3.mdf MDF File of 4,193,280kb

now the problem is that when i extract the emulator and after that when the emulator screen appears i can't play the game ,please tell me the complete procedure that how to play ps2 games,especially the specified one in pc dvd form on my pc (2.8G,1GB DDR RAM,7300GT 512MB AGP)

Anybody can solve my problem,please i am in great trouble.

thnx in advance.

i thinkl you need to extract the emulator then start it and now load the the mdf file in it

You already had a thread about this, so why create a second one?

Check their website. Metal Gear Solid 3 is not playable on PCSX2.


you'll be needing a very fast pc to play 'heavy' PS2 games on your PC.

the local cd-walas dont know #$%# about these emus in detail so that just download the emulator off the net, pack it along one of the games and off to the market where poor guys who doesn't have much knowledge about such emus think they can play PS2 games on their PCs.

a system i'd suggest to play this PS2 game on PC includes:

an 8-core or higher CPU,

4 Gigs of DDR3 ram

2x 8800 GTX in SLI

a system like this would get you something like 80-100% speeds.

even that's not guaranteeed though, caz the emulator isn't optimized yet, the team is still working on compatibility issues. so may be in the future you can enjoy such games on slower pcs but not now.

my system plays TEKKEN4 at around 45% to 80% speed, so this should give you some idea.

So Can U Tell Me The Detailed Procedure Hwo To Play Any Competible Game On Pc Using The Same Emulator(pcsx2)

As I Configured It But When After Making Iso And Giving Path When I Start The Emulator The Sony Ent. Logo Play With Breaking Sound Then The Pharase Written As 'dvd Drive Is Not Set' As I Already Configured Every Thing.

So Please Tell Me About The Complete Configuratin Procedure As I Already Download It From A Forum On Net.but Still The Bug Is On.

Thnx In Advance