How To Restrict Downloading Speed to Users on AN1020-25 Wireless Modem

Aoa Everyone,

My Subject has already described my question which i will ask here hehe ;p

Anyone knows How to Restrict Downloading Limit to Each user who is on My LAN ..

Actually the problem is..

One downloads too much!! ;( I am fedup of his downloading...

So I would like to Restrict His Downloading Speed to 50 KBPS or So

Anyone here will help me plx? :(

Oh i forgot to tell you my Modem Number

Its AN1020-25 Wireless Modem :)

I'm Looking forward to hear you soon =)

Thanks a Lot in Advance =0)


Hammad Saeed

you can't do it with your fiberhome router, In windows there is a feature called ICS or you can buy some extra hardware for this purpose.

such as Tp-link cheap and gud routers. they cost around 17-2500Rs with wifi-N router capabilities. and some gud old features too.

^ I have just check the wifi settings of this router and think Speed can be limited using Wifi? what do you say i am not expert in these :(


yup i've also checked my modem's option too. the option exist but needs some experimenting to be done. but the one you are mentioning is the bandwidth flow over wifi...its lyk max is 54Mbps and you can control it according to the above table but this will only reduce speed and penetration power and every one will get the said speed over wifi. The bandwidth limitation comes in IP-QOS tab under advanced setup i guess. But in routers lyk Tp-link and other you get to set things quite easily without screwing other settings.

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Yipee 1000th post now i’m platinum!


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Nvm, if I cant Restrict it :)

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