How to repaire WXP in my Laptop?

Dear Friends;

I have Wxp installed in my Laptop. Windows is creating problem and I want to repaire it but problem is that the Windows is updated and as I run the windows CD, system informs that original window is updated and software in CD is an old. So installation aborts. I am wondering how o overcome on this problem. I can't re-install the window as there are many software installed in my Laptop.

I need someone assistance. Many thanks in advance.

Switch to W7 :P

System-restore to previous state may help...otherwise new installations is due.

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Switch to W7 :P

W7 is much more complicated than WXP… Though, you get to see latest features and even it has got eye-catching graphics. Secondly, you need to have dual core to make it work perfect on your PC. You can’t have it on a P3.