How to reduce body weight?

My wife want to reduce her weight without usage any medicine. Any one has any good idea based on his personal experience?

Thanks in advance.

ummmmm... exercise ???

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My wife want to reduce his weight…

I think weight isn’t the only problem.

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have no personal experience but can advise

1. balanced diet.

2. ask her to do household work herself and fire the servants.


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My wife want to reduce his weight…

Are you still certain he is even your wife? :P

Jokes apart, exercise and only exercise is the thing to loose weight.

Other than I have another proven loose weight diet… I know some people who have followed it and lost weight in 6-8 months or so. I am not a doctor/health specialist of any kind, but follow this on your own instinct. I do not know your wife and her medical records but I am assuming she suffers no Diabetes or any other thing.

* Eliminate all sorts of sugary foods in your diet. Minimize the amount of sugar you take in tea day by day until you put no more sugar in tea. Trust me when you get used to it, you won’t like sugar in tea anymore.

* Exclude eating meat most of the time. The only allowance is of fish and ‘Desi’ chicken. Do avoid broiler chicken and red meat at all costs.

* Avoid processed foods and make space for fruits/vegetable. Avoid fried foods as well, go with grilled/steamed instead.

* Use ‘Asli Desi ghee’ instead of vegetable oil. This may sound strange but Desi ghee does helps loose weight if taken in the right amount. Lets say for breakfast, start off with a small chapati with Desi ghee and a glass of skimmed milk.

* Never ever stop eating your meal when you feel you are full. Always stop before you have the feeling that you are full.

Technically this is correct because over stomach indicates out brain after some time that it needs no more food. Therefore eat less than what satisfies you.

* Lastly, keep a balance in everything. Starving to death may loose weight, but in the long-term it is quite unhealthy and not beneficial to our body.

Good luck!

consume less calories diet and try to burn more calories through exercise.

eat less and do jogging not on 7 Tee

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