How to recover the system image from 4diffrent DVD`s?

I am using window 7 ultimate 32Bit. I have 4 partitions on hard disk. The os is on C-Drive. I want to have a back up of c drive so that I can restore the system if it crashes

For this purpose I take two steps.

1> I create a system repair disk which occupy 142 mb space on 700 mb cd-disk

2> And then I create a system image and store it on E-drive and it occupy 15 GB space on E-drive

Now I want burn this system image on different DVD’s. so that I can free 15 GB space on the hard disk. It needs 4 DVD’s to store 15 GB data.

My question is

Ques... In case of recovery, I will reboot the computer from the system repair disk. And if I choose the option “system image recovery” to restore the computer on earlier time when it is created. Then how should I be able to use 4 different DVD`s which contain the system image. As I have only one DVD-combo drives which at time running the system repair cd-disk.

I took system recovery disk from my VAIO laptop but now after deleting partitions I have upgraded whole system from Windows 7 home premium to Windows 7 Ultimate.

I made a recovery disk and its jut 142MB.

Your system will boot with recovery cd. but you will not be able to restore data from your four dvds..