How to play online games?


I Would Love To Play Online Games Like Counter-Strike..Etc But I Dont Have Any Experince In Online Gaming Bcoz Previously I Dont Have A Good Net But Now Got Wateen..and Also What Are The Requirment For Online Gaming ? Also A Gfx Card Too Needed...

A lot of games have online mutiplayer servers.... u just need a high speed internet connection....

for counter-strike... u can even play it on a simple geforce 7300 or even a geforce 5200fx :)

Well i dont have any gfx card..i only have my motherboard built in 128mb mother board is Intel D945GZIS :) So How To Play On Wateen ?

Thanks for the info dark-black...But Where Can I Get Counter Strike ? I Mean The Setup

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Thanks for the info dark-blackā€¦But Where Can I Get Counter Strike ? I Mean The Setup

Either get a CD from a CD shop or ahem download it. Most people play Counterstrike 1.6 online, I think.

There is a new CS server online from wateen you can play on it More over there are many CS servers from differnet ISP's The most popular is WC.

I think wateen has not provided the game server yet...