How to pay for VPS when no credit card or Paypal

I want to buy $2.5/month VPS plan from but they only accept Credit Card and Paypal. I only have Debit Card which doesn’t work there.

Guys any other solution?

I want to add $15 which will be enough for the next 6 months in case you want to know.

Go to your nearest UBL branch (more fancier more better). Tell them you want “UBL Wiz Internet Card”. They may try to “bakra gharne” to open bank account. But it’s not necessary, just tell them you don’t want bank account but only UBL Wiz Internet Card. There are two cards, and you want “Internet” card. Clearly, tell them that you wan to make payment to international website. You’ll need to fill the form. Attach copy of your CNIC. Give them some money, for example, Rs. 5K or 10K or whatever you want to be loaded on that card. And voila! Now you have a working internet card with which you can pay to websites. Use that card to pay it.

TechMan sahib, I thought you might know about UBL internet card. :slight_smile: Doesn’t it work on that website?

I don’t think it will work. I have come to the conclusion that debit card won’t work on any website which stores your card information. Just like it doesn’t work on Facebook either.

I tried 3 different VPS providers and they all had this issue.

Can I offer you VPS on my site. You can pay me in PKR after testing it up. Just shoot me an email at

Thanks man but I already got one 4, 5 days ago. I bought it by paying in bitcoins.