How to make driving license quick?

I will be coming to Pakistan in October and i was wondering if someone can help introduce me obtain a license for car and motorcycle.
I need it so that I can go back to where I came and convert it to a local license. Can someone introduce me to a traffic instructor who will get me the license quick and fast if I pay him extra money(bribe??)

I m sorry but I have to do it this way because

1)it’s expensive like very expensive to get driving license from scratch where I live

2)I can only stay in Pakistan for 2 months and i want to get this done fast so that i can enjoy my stay there instead of worrying about license

Please someone help me and guide me

Get to traffic office early. Get learners permit and appear for test after 2-4 weeks (as stipulated on learner’s license. Get traffic signs booklet from post office F-7 (Jinnah Super), study the signs and test should be easy. It is simple MCQ on computer screen unless you opt for test by instructor.

I hope you get arrested if you pay bribe.

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Why wish ill on me? it’s not like i am going to stay in Pakistan and cause accidents. I just don’t have time on my hand, I want to get a license so that i can convert it to local HK license

making a license here in HK is extremely expensive and time consuming, it takes 1.5 year in total.
If you can’t be helpful then don’t reply.


Your own actions will have consequences, not me wishing anything. Be mindful of the causality.

In the absence of further specific queries, I have been helpful enough for whoever wishes to genuinely earn his/her license.