How to launch a tv channel

Does any know how much it will cost to launch a tv channel in Pakistan. Im talking about the setup cost, the license and the monthly satellite cost.

Any idea?

well i don't know but... i think different channels would have different costs like news or music or sports

Why not ask to PTA, they will gudie you. Any yes you should arrange millions of Rupees.

well, these days a rough estimate will suggest you Rs. 100 Crore. But again that depends on the genre. News channel may demand you more. Music channel will cost less, comparatively. Entertainment channel will cost more.... obviously acquiring good content. & Sports .... oh my God.. the count for money is never ending.

But if u re in a mood ... do it more professionally please. As we are always having some shitty channels.

Dont know abt license fees.

Your Answer is Pemra

Some Information from PEMRA website =|

Duration of Licence:


Application Processing Fee: (Non-refundable)

Rs.200,000 /-

Security Deposit:

10 % of the licence fee (refundable after one year on satisfactory performance).

Fee Structure:

Category 1: International Scale Station (Commercial)

Licence Fee (Rs): 5.0 million

Annual Renewal Fee (Rs): 1.0 million +5% of the annual gross advertisement revenue as per audited accounts

Category 2: Specialized Subject Station (Non-commercial)

Licence Fee (Rs): 1.0 million

Annual Renewal Fee (Rs): 0.3 million